Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Do Believe I Have Been Changed for the Better

Okay, since I last blogged I've:

-finished my semester (don't worry, I passed stats-barely jk ha)

-Flew on a direct flight from SLC to DC; with free WIFI!! Thank youuu Google Chrome.

-Saw my family and dog (and extended family) for Christmas!!

-Played Buzz Word, Catch Phrase, with my nurf shotgun I bought at the dollar store, the Wii, and with remote controlled toy jeeps and helicopters.

-Went to NYC.

-Walked miles in a full blown New York, gale-force winds, BLIZZARD (Yes, the one that brought NYC to a complete standstill for dayysss.

-Finally saw WICKED!!!! Seriously, one of the best days of my life; it was so amazing and fantastic and awesome and GREAT! At the Gershwin Theatre. I'd been wanting to see it for like 5 years; I love the book and the soundtrack and I finally got to see the play. It was so much fun. I had the biggest smile on my face pretty much the whole time I was sitting in the theatre. My seats were great and I was SO EXCITED. The performance was amazing, the music was amazing, the actors was amazing. I want to see it again and again! I could go on and on about Wicked for pages and pages. I will never get enough of Wicked. It's one of my favorite things in. the. world.

-Saw the Christmas show of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, it was superb and so cool; they are so very talented :)

-Went shopping at the Outlet Malls in Gettysburg, PA while at the Liberty Mountain Ski Resort.

-Was in 6 different states.

-Saw True Grit (John Wayne re-make, it was hilarious, me and Uncle Matt laughed the entire movie)

-Saw The Tourist-eh, it was okay. I really only like Angelina Jolie in Salt, and if Johnny Depp isn't Jack Sparrow I don't want to see him.

-Watched every, single episode of Criminal Minds. And No, I will never, ever, ever be okay with JJ (AJ Cook) leaving and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) being reduced. I hate CBS, they can die...preferably a slow painful death.

-Managed to NOT get sick when my family members and people around me were dropping like flies with illness.

-Had numerous big family dinners.

So, you can easily see why it's been so dang long, I've been a little busy. It was a great 2 weeks, much, much too short.

Now I need to pack because I fly back to Utah tomorrow for Winter semester. blahhh :/ I'd rather stay in VA where I don't have homework and watch movies with my parents, Uncle, Aunt and cousins and play games and watch my shows. School sucksssssss.......but seeing Wicked was the best thing I've ever seen!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only One

So, you know in high school, in English class everyone's least favorite unit (other than grammar) was poetry? Well, that was actually my favorite. I love poetry (see the parallel between music and songs/lyrics). Words are so fascinating and it's great when you can find the words to describe what you are feeling...quite frustrating however, when you can't find the words for what you are feeling. One of my favorite poems since 9th grade is one by Judy Burnette:

I always wanted more from you
than you were willing to give;
So now we've gone our separate ways
each with different lives to live.

The bond will always be there
the friendship always intact;
But the time for us has come and gone
and the pages of time, you can't turn back.

I will always be a friend to you
and wonder how you are;
The smiles and laughter I will remember
and our fights have become painless scars.

Sometimes on those busy days
when you've a thousand things to do;
Please let me glide slowly through your mind
and spend some time with you.

In that quiet moment
when you're surprised to find me there;
Just remember even with the distance between us
I am still someone who cares.

I know I'm not the only one
Who wonders what it's all for.
I know I'm not the only one
Who has been let down before.

I know I'm not the only one
Who doesn't understand.
And I know I'm not the only one
Who wants to know the plan.

I know I'm not the only one
Who doesn't know why.
I know I'm not the only one
At night who cries.

I know I'm not the only one
Who begs for peace.
And I know I'm not the only one
Who feels like it's out of reach.

I know I'm not the only one
Lying awake at night.
I know I'm not the only one
With their own battles to fight.

I know I'm not the only one
Searching for who they are.
And I know I'm not the only one
Who thinks they've gone to far.

And I know I'm not the only one,
Who feels like they're the only one.

Another Day in this Carnival of Souls

One of my favorite shows of all time, Criminal Minds, had a great song during an ending and emotional scene. It was one of the best episodes I've ever seen. So, obviously I looked it up. It took a while and I found a super creepy song in my searching, but I eventually found it. It's Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch (yeah, I don't get the name either). They are a heavy metal band. I know, what? You're confused. It's the only song of theirs I like, because it's not really heavy metal, it's a power ballad (and the only one they have it seems) and it is AMAZING. I've listened to it a lot over the past week, in fact...yup, you guessed it, I'm listening to it right now (along with the Christmas Channel and the Country Christmas Channel on Pandora, and yes, I listen country music, it's what I grew up with and love).

The other thoughts on my mind now are
Thank goodness. I am so done with this
semester & am so ready to go home and
also, I am so very ready for Christmas!!!

FAR FROM HOME LYRICS (in case you wanted them..I know you do!)

Another day in this carnival of souls
Another night's sands end as quickly as it goes
The memories are shadows, ink on the page
And I can't seem to find my way home

And it's almost like your heaven's trying everything
Your heaven's trying everything to keep me out

All the places I've been and things I've seen
A million stories that made up a million shattered dreams
The faces of people I'll never see again
And I can't seem to find my way home

'Cause it's almost like your heaven's trying everything to break me down
'Cause it's almost like your heaven's trying everything to keep me out

'Cause it's almost like your heaven's trying everything to break me down
'Cause it's almost like your heaven's trying everything
Your heaven's trying everything to break me down
To break me down, to break me down

Your heaven's trying everything
Your heaven's trying everything to break me down

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Totally and Completely Obsessed

These are the things I'm obsessed with, in a healthy way...not a creepy, stalker or unhealthy way...yeah...

(not in any specific order)

1. The Olympics. I LOVE watching them, for 2 weeks ever 2 years (summer & winter) everything else in my life I put on the back burner (or as much as I can) and watch the Olympics practically 24/7. I want to GOO so bad (in a realistic going to see events and not as an athlete even though how freaking cool would that be!?) Favorite events? SO many. Beach volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, the luge, the skeleton, alpine-downhill skiing just to name a few top favs.

2. Sunglasses. I seriously have like 15 pairs. I wear them whenever the sun is just a little out.

3. Movies. If I could watch movies all day, I would. The dollar theatre is one of my favorite places because I can see so many for so much cheaper. I keep all my ticket stubs, I love movies.

3. Emily Deschanel. She's my favorite actress. I love Bones, it's my favorite show. I want to meet her so bad. I'd probably hyperventilate if I ever saw her.

4. Reese Witherspoon. Great actress, favorite movies with he in it.

5. Gum. I chew it all the time. Spearmint. Orbit.

6. Music. I LOVE listening to music. I listen to all kinds, all day long. In my car, working out, walking to class, doing homework, sleeping, just cause.

7. Taylor Swift. I freaking love her and her music.

8. Kelly Clarkson. Again, I freaking love her and her music.

9. My TV shows. I love them so very much and what's going on in the characters lives matter so much more to me than what's going on people's lives that I actually know (okay-like not my friends, but just people I know who I'm not friends with-in my classes, in my ward, in my major) Bones, Army Wives, Burn Notice, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, The Closer, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Rizzoli & Isles, Glee, Cougar Town, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House, Covert Affairs, In Plain Sight, My Boys, White Collar, Nikita, Psych...I just really love my shows, a lot.

10. Ryan Reynolds. Enough said. The Proposal anyone? It's the best.

11. Katherine Heigl. In the top favorite actresses.

12. Card games. Speed, Solitaire, Egyptian Rat, Spit, Rummy, Spoons. So much love for the card games.

13. Sports. Watching & playing-soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, basketball, racquetball.

14. Peanut butter. I have some like everyday. Yes, I do eat it with a spoon sometimes, I'm not ashamed of it.

15. Popcorn. Nothing is better than a movie and popcorn. And I hate, no..kind of loath, sharing my bag of popcorn. It's irrational and makes no sense, but don't touch my popcorn, or I will kill you.

16. Ramen. It's like my favorite. Chicken, shrimp and oriental are my favorite.

17. Oreos & Milk. Simple pleasure of life.

18. Blogging. Obviously :P

19. Time. I check my phone and watch all the time, I hate being late.

20. Reading. It is one of my favorite things in life, I love reading. Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, Perfect Strangers, Murder- My Sweet, the comics, the Daily Universe, Wicked. Most books I've ever picked up really.

21. Love. Who doesn't love love? haha Can't wait.

21. Post Secret. It's the BEST. Secrets from all over the world. Go check it out.

23. Life. Sure, life is hard, it sucks sometimes, it's frustrating, disappointing, but it's great too. So much joy, happiness and love.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Don't Flake Out

You know, I just like a schedule.

I have a daily planner and I use it everyday; I use the calender on my phone, I need these. I like lists, I like plans, I like order. Contrary to popular belief, I do have good time management skills (lets be real though-I'm still a huge procrastinator at times) Not to say that I'm not spontaneous, I'm generally up for anything. However, when I have a plan I like to stick to it.

Does that make me weird or uptight? Whatever, I don't think it does. I just like to plan. I want to know what's going on and keep to what I have planned. So if that makes you think I'm uptight, and no fun or too type-A, well I don't really care. I know what's going on in my life and have time for the things I need to do and want to do.

Which brings me to people who mess up this sense of order I have and crave. I hate flaky people. People who aren't reliable, who aren't courteous, who aren't on time. Who say they'll do something or be somewhere but then call it off. I mean, when I've made a plan and people just mess it all up....ahh! It makes me so very mad. Also, people who say, "I just like to see what happens." Nothing is going to happen unless it's planned on. Things don't just happen. Someone, somewhere is planning it. You don't just get up and go. You have to plan it. Who is going, where you're going, how you're getting there, what you'll need to be successful. This applies to small trips to the movies, to camping trips and vacations, to just life in general. I just don't understand people who don't plan, at least a tiny bit.

Then when you are writing a list and someone (who doesn't make lists) makes fun of you...but then they don't write it down and forget something important (especially when it effects me), couldn't make me more frustrated with you. I plan and make lists because I like to have order, I like to be reliable and dependable and not let people down, I hate it when I forget something I really need or wanted to do. I just loathe when my plans are messed up by the inconsideration of others. It just makes my blood pressure rise.

There comes a time when you have to grow up and stop pissing people
off and become a person who is not flaky. There comes a time when you
need to just start living life a little bit better and stop sucking so much
at it and frustrating others.

Comment on this
if you realized the
colors in this post
were in the order
of a rainbow before
I told you ;)

I just thought it'd be fun

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lets Steal Pineapples When You Get Back

These Post Secrets are from the past 2 weeks. They are my top 4, I really quite like them.

Gag. Me.
So precious.
I want this.

Who doesn't love "night games" when you were young...who am I kidding? I'm up for a game of Man-Hunt, Capture the Flag, or Kick-the-Can right now. I do miss nighttime adventure and shenanigans with my friends back all through middle school and high school; wreaking havoc, running from cops on the occasion (don't worry, we were only 'ding dong ditching' houses...usually. Nothing awful lol), climbing up water-towers, playing games, messing with our friends, jumping on trampolines, riding our motorized scooters through the night and fog, ordering pizza from Dominos at midnight, swinging at the park. Great times, great times in North Carolina, Washington, Pennsylvania and New York. Man, those were the days. Miss that. I think I grew up way to fast.


This just makes me laugh. I'd go steal pineapples with them, okay, maybe not....well maybe.

"It doesn't really rain that much. We just say it people will stop moving here."

Washington is my favorite. I love the moderate weather, the rain (because okay, yes, it does rain but really not that much! And not that hard..*ahem* I mean, yes it pours everyday-never come here...), the mountains, Mt. Rainier is my favorite, the trees. I just love it. I've been lucky enough to live there twice. And they have been the best years, had some really fun times and the greatest group of friends. So many fun adventures and so many fond memories. (Shout out to the B.M. and Lakes Lancers) I can't wait to go back someday! I just want a reunion with my friends and have a relive memories!! Ah, I love it there.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stats is the bane of my existence

I sit, 3 times a week in stats class. I hate it. In fact, that's where I am right now, (No wonder I suck so much at it, jk-well I really do suck at it). I sit in the first couple rows to a) stay awake b) see the board better and c) pay attention the best. I have only fallen asleep twice in stats this semester. I usually fall asleep like twice a day. I mean, my professor is a nice guy, he's funny, he's a good teacher; I just do not get stats, like hardly at all. I'm not good at it, and I don't care about. I just have to get through it for some GE requirements and then I am 99% sure I never have to take another math class for the rest of my life (sorry future kids-your on your own for math help in school). Anyway, my hatred for stats is not the point here, the point here is this highly annoying girl in my stats class and her 2 friends, a guy and a girl, that sit behind me. First off, guy-grow a pair and just ask her out already, the semester is over in two weeks. You make me a little nauseous in your weak flirting attempts and your probably stuck in the friend zone forever by now anyway. Secondly, girl-I-hate, please shut-up. Your wise-cracks and smart-aleck remarks are not good, they aren't funny. You're annoying and I want you to keep your trap shut. The professor doesn't think you're funny, the TA doesn't think your funny, in fact, no one thinks your funny except your friend and that guy-who probably doesn't really think it's that funny, he just, for some unknown, crazy reason, wants you. Your remarks aren't making class better, they aren't getting you brownie points with Dr. Johnson or any of the rest of us. Your comments are stupid, annoying, disruptive, annoying, weak attempts at humor and, did I say, annoying. Plus, you wear weird clothes. Just stop. I can't wait for this semester to be over so I never have to set foot in stats class again, but more importantly, I never have to hear you speak again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fly Like An Eagle

I LOVE to fly.

It’s the holiday season and I know a lot of people are going to be and are traveling-including me.

A lot people are up in arms about the full-body scanners and the super invasive searches of your person. Now, obviously I don’t want some gross TSA worker’s hands all over me, so I’m not ever going to object of going through the full-body scanners. Secondly, okay their full body scanners, wish that wasn’t the way it had to be. Follow all the TSA rules and make it through the metal detectors properly and your chances of having to go through the full-body scan drop dramatically. I don’t care though if it keeps some psycho terrorist off my plane, rather any plane for that matter, and prevents it from slamming into any other buildings with people I know inside of them.

Controversies aside-I genuinely love just about everything about flying (especially when I don’t have to check any baggage). First off, I feel so legit strolling around with my backpack and little rolling suitcase getting around the airport (I’ve managed to never get lost, or miss a flight, in an airport and I have been to a lot. SLC, Cincinnati, Washington, DC, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Syracuse, Sea-Tac, Baltimore, Ramstien in Germany, and some more, I don’t know all the ones I’ve been too).

I like waiting at the terminal watching the TV or on my laptop drinking my favorite drinks from Starbucks and eating dinner during a layover. I like walking on the moving sidewalks (The first time I walked on one, when I stepped off-the dramatic speed change in my walking speed caused to almost trip and fall flat on my face, almost).

I love, love, love having a window seat, except when I have to pee mid-flight and have to climb awkwardly over people I do not know. Because when I have a window seat I get to look out the window! Watching the plane take-off and land is SO awesome. I just do not understand how we get these planes in flight and how we land them. So crazy. Like, really, it’s amazing. I love it, I love the feeling. It’s almost as good as a roller coaster. Everything all slowly getting smaller, cars smaller than hot wheels, the lights in little trails that lead off to the edge of the cities, the mountains look so cool (especially when there is snow on them) and then when you get above the clouds and the sky is bluer than you’ve ever seen it on the ground and the sun is brilliant. I love the flight attendants who bring me drinks and peanuts and sometimes plane-shaped crackers. Flying is simply the best. Sometimes getting on the plane is stressful, but once seated, it’s like so peaceful. It’s just pretty fun.

Flying across the Atlantic to Germany was THEEE longest flight of my life 3 years ago. But it was awesome-movies and plane food isn't that bad haha. Flying, it's just kind of classy. Even though I've never flown 1st class, I sure want to though! lol And I think it would be pretty awesome to learn to fly small planes, how sick would that be?

I love taking-off and landing, and I will never get tired of looking out the window.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You Know I'm Dead On

I would like to share with all of you some general advice. I know, who am I to dish out words of wisdom? I don't know, I just feel like I know what's up more often than I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. (Speaking of poultry, turkeys will drown themselves by looking up at the sky with their mouths...beaks...whatever open, hypnotized by falling rain. Hopefully you'll take these words of at least some wisdom and be smarter than your average turkey)

Wear sunscreen. Sunburns suck. I'm all about SPF 30. Don't go tanning so dang much-no one like an orange person who looks like leather when they're 30.

Be okay with some hypocrisy of others. Chances are, actually the fact is, you'll be a hypocrite at least once (a day) in your life before you kick the bucket.

Check the weather often-it changes don-cha-ya-know. Then you won't have to walk home in the pouring rain in shorts and flip flops, idiot.

Bikers-I don't want you in the street when I'm driving, I don't want you on the sidewalk when I'm walking. When there's no bike lane you're just unwanted, pay attention & get your hands out of your pockets. We're not in 5th grade anymore when being able to ride a bike with no hands meant you were King of the Street. I don't want to get hit and I don't want you denting my car.

Don't complain about being cold. Don't dress like an idiot, wear clothes appropriate to the season. Especially here at BYU. Please all you California (oh yes, I am stereotyping, but there are only a handful of Cali kids I actually enjoy being around) kids-shut it already. Buy a real coat, put on some gloves and hat and wrap that scarf around your mouth so we don't have to hear your whining and crying.

Everyone is prejudice, discriminatory, racist or intolerant of something and someone. Lets try not to cry about it so much. We can cry a little about it and get all up in arms about it a little, but lets try to come down from a level 10, to lets say, a level 6 and go from there. Don't say you're not either-we all know you're such a liar.

Don't debate with your friends unless you actually know what you're talking about and you're grown up enough to not take it personally and you're grown up enough to let others have their own opinions without getting all bent out of shape, insulted and offended. Besides, you're not going to change my opinion about anything and I'm most likely not going to change you're opinion about anything. It's a go nowhere conversation.

Uggs are ugly. It's practically their name. They are a crime against humanity when guys wear them. (Even if they we're invented for use by guy surfers to keep their feet warm. Thank you, Eric for that tidbit of trivia.)

Don't text someone you love them when it's the first time your telling them. Yeah, in person it could be awkward and bad, but still. Lets be real, did you really think that it was okay? This is why old people say our generation sucks.

Don't be an ass or a jerk or a bitch. One day, someone is just going to knock you out. And if it's not me, I'm for sure going to be the person whipping out their camera phone at lightening speed to document the great occasion and spreading it as far and wide as I can.

Pedestrians. Look both ways before you cross the street. We learned this once we learned to walk. And *news flash!* I can't see you stepping out between cars at night. I'm going to RUN you OVER. And you know what, I'm not going to feel that bad...unless I kill you, which is a possibility with how stupid you are.

It's really annoying when people text you, and then you reply and ask them a question and then____________they don't text you back for a million years. Yeah, don't do that.

Don't change and mess up plans. I will kill you. When things have been set don't call me at the last minute and completely destroy my schedule. Rude. I want to slap you upside the head; it's so maddening how inconvenient and stressed it makes me. And I know I am not alone in this

Try really hard to never ever lose your keys, or just forget them. Nothing will make me want to injure you more than a roommate pounding on the door and calling my cell phone at 3 in the morning when I'm dead asleep.

For the love of all that is good in this world-be. on. time.

Invest in a good watch, a good belt and a good baseball hat.....and an umbrella.

Peace out suckaas.
Try not to annoy people today.
That'd be great.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

People think a soul mate, success, cars, and bonuses will bring happiness when's the other way around

Post Secret from the last two Sundays.

Probably my favorite from the last two weeks. So true, being a military kid myself, and moving around all the time-home is where your family is, home is where people who love you and care about are.

Love it.

So true.

Something I think we mostly forget this, when we really shouldn't.

This one almost made me cry.

Do we notice when people are, in their own ways, crying for help?

Sometimes I like to spend time by myself.
Even when I am lonely.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank a soldier today

Happy Veterans day to all that have, do and will serve.
We owe you so much.

Especially my grandfathers, great uncles,
Dad, brother, Uncles, cousins, and many
friends. I am so proud of you and all your
sacrifices, and love you so much.

This video makes me bawl, every time.

Home of the free because of the brave.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's burning my eyes!

Katherine Heigl (love) and Josh Duhamel, hate each other. Okay, their characters in their newest movie, Life As We Know It, hate each other, but because of their mutual best friends are forced to spend a lot of time, holidays, birthdays, etc. together. When their best friends are in a fatal car accident they are surprisingly named guardians of the orphaned daughter of their friends, Sophie. This move was so good. Granted, it's a romantic comedy (and a bit of drama thrown around) so obviously we all know what happens; but it had a MUCH different plot and story line I have never seen for a movie like this. Holly (Heigl) and 'Messer' (Duhamel) move into their dead best friends house to raise their daughter trying to live their own lives, raise a child together they do not know how to, pass Child Protective Services checks, date, dodge crazy & nosy neighbors, and not kill each other. It was funny, it was heartbreaking (I nearly cried), it was heartwarming (again, nearly cried-for anyone who knows me, we know that is such a rarity).
Familiar faces too, just to name a few> Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls), Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) and Steve Nash (it's Steve Nash, I mean he's a pro NBAer [don't worry, he does no acting, just ball playing]). Now, I really really enjoyed this movie-as I do with all Katherine Heigl movies (Killers, The Ugly Truth), as long as she continues to make movies I like it lessens the pain of her abandoning us in Grey's Anatomy (it doesn't make it ok, it just makes it more bearable). She is so funny and gorgeous and Josh Duhamel is so hott, lets be real.
I love their charcters. Holly is classy and smart and Messer is carefree (until. because of Sophie he's an insta-dad) and fun. There are so many funny parts and lines. It's a great story-so different than any we've seen before, while still keeping the classic romantic comedy cliches we so dearly love and crave. Love it. I want to see it again. Dollar theatre please! Go see it, really it's an all around, hits all the types of genres and craziness of real life. It's not the movie of the year, it's not a thought provoking, life changing movie. Take it for what it is supposed to be, entertaining and just go with the flow. Plus, the baby is pretty precious.

Babysitter: "I think you guys make a really cute couple..."

Holly: "She said the same thing about Taylor Swift and that twilight kid."

Speaking of Taylor Swift, her new

album, Speak Now (with bonus

tracks from Target) has been playing

basically 24/7 since I got it earlier this

weak. It is SOO FANTASTIC. T-Swift love.